SAE International invested in various technology platforms and systems throughout 2016 with the purpose to improve operations while unifying member information across various departments and offices. To meet these goals, SAE International standardized customer information through one central automation system –

A major benefit established through this platform was member information continuity. For example, when SAE team members speak with a customer all related information for that customer is available on one screen. Salesforce has saved time and reinforced our position as the ultimate knowledge source.

Another large technology advancement in 2016 led to the introduction of Mobilus. Now a destination resource, Mobilus provides members fast and easy access to:

  • Full text search based on the switch from PDF files to XML
  • Personal and customizable logins, allowing annotation, creation of folders to save searches and the ability to review recent activity
  • Translation capabilities in eight languages
  • Downloadable data sets affording members the ability to configure certain graphical file formats (2D/3D) along with video access
  • Creation of a Help Portal that houses search guides and how-to videos

Mobilus, the former Digital Library, experienced a 13 percent increase in subscriptions as a result of these platform improvements.

The Pre-Professional Education team developed two digital platforms designed to increase customer communications – the Collegiate Design Series (CDS) Podcasts and the Alumni Network. Built to further customer contact beyond events, both services are geared toward the young professional and provide consumable information in expected formats.

With change comes clarity, and the SAE team has adopted an agile approach to member improvement. The result has led to faster program implementation times and the realization of resources that go beyond expectations. As systems and platforms continues to evolve, SAE International will utilize technology to improve productivity and operational methods to remain the ultimate knowledge source for the mobility engineering industry.