Executive Message

SAE International achieved strategic progress while responding to dynamic industry disruption in 2016. The Aerospace, Automotive and Commercial Vehicles industries saw a significant change as a variety of new technologies and business practices. Our internal focus met these evolving business needs and contributed to numerous successful initiatives for the global mobility engineering industry.

One of the most important successes achieved by SAE International was our ability to adapt to the young mobility engineer. As future engineers become increasingly connected, it is incumbent upon SAE to provide services that address their needs. Our professional development team responded with multiple improvements from a concentrated social media effort to offering a more flexible and collaborative training experience. These efforts enhanced skill sets and strengthened our value proposition. The creation of a Collegiate Design Series (CDS) Alumni Network was our first step toward career-long engagement that begins with our A World In Motion (AWIM) STEM education program. The SAE International goal of global relevancy must begin with our young professionals.

Cybersecurity remains a global issue and the mobility engineering world is not immune. SAE International addressed cybersecurity related issues in a variety of methods as we partnered with multiple international organizations ensuring collaborative responses. Autonomous vehicles and the connected city remained at the forefront of our automotive efforts. Our work included coordination with government agencies and manufacturers that advanced techniques to assure viable and safe technology. The SAE Aerospace standards team completed the development of standards that ensured the safe packaging and distribution of lithium batteries. As the industries we serve evolve, SAE International continues to be the ultimate knowledge source in facilitating the standardization and training process.

SAE International has adapted and responded to industry change, reinforced our internal structure and intensified our focus on the technology we support, all of which highlight the strength of our global association. SAE International again achieved financial success and, in 2016 broadened our value proposition among our global communities. We grew 6.9 percent over 2015, with new products generating $3.5 million and global markets delivering $15.1 million in revenue. The operating revenue surpassed $88.2 million.

SAE International is proud of the value we provide our members, the mobility engineering industry and society. Our robust global relevance and operational capacity has allowed us to lead and foster collaboration that enhance our world. We invite you to take a closer look at the many resources that make SAE International the ultimate knowledge source for mobility engineering.

Cuneyt L. Oge
2016 President

Retired Partner of PWC?s PRTM Management Consulting

David L. Schutt, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

SAE International