Pre-Professional Education

SAE International’s STEM programs continue to evolve and improve as technology and industry advance. 2016 marked an increased number of students impacted by the programs (122,000) along with a variety of new outreach opportunities that included the addition of cybersecurity and autonomous vehicles information, and the introduction of a dedicated alumni network.

A World In Motion (AWIM)

SAE’s AWIM program served 112,000 students — over 4,600 classrooms — from all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces and other locations globally. Designed to meet educational standards at local and national levels, the program delivers community based STEM education to support local workforce development needs. To reinforce existing program achievements, AWIM is now included in the STEMWorks database ensuring a third-party review that defines AWIM as a state and national STEM education option and positions the program as a high-quality and scalable funding option for partners of the SAE Foundation.

Building upon this success is the development of Keeping our Networks Secure, the latest AWIM program targeting cybersecurity awareness and teaching students to become a responsible digital citizen.

Collegiate Design Series (CDS)

Student involvement increased at a record pace in 2016. Over 9,900 students comprising 763 teams; 92 of these teams are from India, Asia, Europe and South America represent a 15 percent participation increase over the previous year. To effectively engage with and manage the increase in students, the Pre-Professional Education group created new outreach efforts including the CDS Podcast Series to support student engagement and the social media based CDS Alumni Network, which encourages alumni engagement through volunteerism.

SAE’s first student-design challenge focused on autonomous driving, the AutoDrive Challenge, was introduced in 2016 reinforcing engagement with university students in an anticipated technology. This commitment to engagement is why the program is heavily relied upon by the university community, why 100 percent of the Top Engineer Degree Granting Universities (as rated by ASEE) participate in CDS and why many of the 2017 events sold out in minutes.