Information Products

The successful restructuring of the former e-Publications group into the Information Products group in 2016 resulted in an entirely new, end-user focus based on SAE categories; Aerospace, Automotive and Ground Vehicles. As part of this process, the team was challenged to develop new products concentrating on the professional and educational lives of the SAE membership. Their effort produced the development of:

  • A technical paper improvement system,
  • An aerospace propulsion series,
  • An automotive powertrain series,
  • A redeveloped SAE journal program, and
  • The development of an enterprise wide cybersecurity knowledge hub.

The Information Products team also solidified relationships through this ongoing industry transformation. Beginning in Silicon Valley, the group successfully implemented industry meet-ups focusing on the region’s growing automotive industry. Collaborative relationships were strengthened as the group partnered with FKA to support automotive startups and with ISO to establish a pilot program for connected vehicle standards.

Mobilus, the former SAE Digital Library, was rebranded as an engineering destination and resource for guiding today’s ever-changing automotive and aerospace industries. The rebrand, coupled with a targeted sales effort, led to a 14 percent increase in new customers.

To enhance the global sales team, was implemented as the central repository for sales efforts and projections. With a system-wide platform in place, additional best practices were applied in 2016 including pipeline management, sales reporting and opportunity analysis. Outside of the sales effort, additional best practices such as a new technical paper peer review system and a publication editorial management system were employed.